HP Thinks Giant Tablets Are a Good Idea




Windows 8 has officially created a new category: the monster tablet. Last fall’s Sony Tap 20 could have been dismissed as a one-off aberration, but others have since launched giant screens equipped with batteries, including HP, who just unveiled the Rove 20.

Why Rove? Because it can do exactly that — the 20-inch display is fully portable with almost 4 hours of battery life. Although its mobility, along with the 10-finger multi-touch display, technically makes it a tablet, it’s really better thought of as an all-in-one PC that you can move from room to room when you need to.

Much like the Tap 20 and Lenovo’s IdeaCenter Horizon, the Rove has a special hinge that lets you use it in many different ways. Stood up at a high angle, it’s great as a normal all-in-one or even an “easel” for a painting app. At a low angle, it’s more suited for drafting. The hinge is made so you can easily adjust the angle with one hand. Read more…

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