How we use Prezi inside Prezi to Collaborate and Share Ideas


Trying to make the best tool in the world for sharing ideas is a enjoyable but sizable task. One that we take on using something called Prezi. It turns out the best testing ground for our product is our company.

Multiple mini-startups in one room – this is how Prezi’s product teams work togetherBringing more than 24 million people together with a tool that zooms and pans across a multitude of browsers and devices is a complex process. To make sure every challenge gets the attention it needs, we operate a “startup with a startup” organizational structure with product teams functioning almost like companies of their own. Prezi product managers are therefore making impactful decisions while juggling numerous demands on a daily basis.

Prezi is there to help them through the entire life-cycle of a product. From problem recognition, to solution ideation, through to testing and launch. To see it in action, watch this video of how our Reuse PM Daniel Vattay uses Prezi to collaborate with his team.