“There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur….” I wrote these words in a previous article on the Huffington Post and backed them up with several reasons for optimism, including today’s relatively low cost for an Internet based start-up. Powerful technologies and resources exist and are readily available with just a few clicks. However, two Gallop polls in the New Year suggest that the nation’s current pessimistic mood about the economy seems to be overshadowing my reasons for optimism about opportunities I believe are available for the taking.

An early February poll showed that Americans consider joblessness to be the number one problem we face. About one in four perceive unemployment as a bigger problem than inaction by Congress, climate change, the budget deficit or issues with health care.Last month’s poll follows on the heels of a January Gallop poll, which shows that Americans’ confidence in the economy has been slipping.

Despite these prevailing sentiments, I remain convinced that our country has a wealth of business opportunities waiting to be exploited. The key is for established entrepreneurs to help would-be entrepreneurs overcome their fear factor and connect them with the best available tools, resources and mentors to help them succeed. The unemployed and under-employed need to be coaxed off the sidelines to create their own jobs. Understandably, this is not an easy task when someone is in the midst of a financial crisis. Anxiety may be keeping them from making a bold move toward a brighter future.

I am just one individual, and at age 90, I can only do so much. I’m certainly not selling anything to earn income; I am simply trying to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed with accessible materials, whether they’re just beginning their journey or they’re farther along the path toward prosperity and just need a little push to reach the next level and thereby create more jobs.

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