How To Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns 24/7 Without Actually Working 24/7


SocialClicksGraphic650Sit back and let the technology do all the work: Cross-platform mobile and social ad technology provider SocialClicks announced the latest addition to its SocialClicks Advance Technology Suite, Predictive Automated Bid Optimization.

The new feature allows marketers to leave the management of Facebook ad campaigns to SocialClicks’ algorithms, which incorporate real-time and historical data, as well as individual ad analytics, and synthesize them into data points, forecasting outcomes and optimizing campaigns based on users’ predefined goals and targets.

SocialClicks said campaigns using Predictive Automated Bid Optimization are seeing their costs per action drop by an average of 16 percent, and Founder and CEO Alon Michaeli added in a release describing the new feature:

Our latest optimization algorithms provide clients with game-changing results. Not only does this technology make life simpler for marketers tasked with the 24/7 job of managing Facebook campaigns, but it leads to the acquisition of new high-quality users, while significantly reducing costs and the risk associated with any digital campaign.

Readers: Do you think marketers trust algorithms enough to rely on a feature such as SocialClicks’ Predictive Automated Bid Optimization?