How to Get the Most Out of your Seasonal Employment


How to Get the Most Out of your Seasonal Employment

‘Tis the season for seasonal employment! This is the time of the year where employers are staffing up in order to meet the holiday demand. Seasonal employment is a great way for you to make some extra dough if you are already employed, and can be a way to get your foot in the door if you are looking for work on a more long-term basis. Except for the grueling hours, it can be a win/win for both parties.

Where many people make the mistake is that they don’t look at seasonal employment as a viable and important piece to their overall career spectrum. But what may not be understood is that seasonal employment can give a huge boost to not only your bank account but to your experience and work history.


Well, look at it like this: if you are working a seasonal job to add an additional income stream, meaning you already have a job in place, then you are getting additional training and experience that can come in handy at your current job, or help your experience. There are many job duties and on the job training opportunities in retail than can crossover to other fields and genres. Working under pressure, customer service, display design all are experience tools that can help up the ante on your resume and with your experience level.

shopping during the holidaysOpportunity

If seasonal employment is helping you through tough times, this could be an opportunity to land a more stable position. Oftentimes, if you are a stellar employee and there is a staffing need, the company will hire you long-term after the season is over. Especially if you were pleasant to work with and were professional and did your job well. If you are in need of a permanent position, do not write off this seasonal job as something to get you over the hump. It could lead to an actual full-time job which can set you up for other opportunities.

More than just stores

Retail not your thing? Seasonal employment goes beyond brick and mortar. Call and customer service centers usually hire seasonal employees to handle the onslaught of incoming calls and inquiries. Event locations usually need more staff to handle the influx of holiday social gatherings at their locations. Restaurants and food sources also staff up during the holiday season because they too, are slammed.

Something for everyone

And we aren’t just talking about entry level stuff. There are many seasonal job opportunities that require management skill and higher level accountability. Keep this in mind as well.

No matter your background, seasonal employment can help you career wise.

If you are looking for a seasonal job, strike now while the iron is hot. Most employers like to have their staffing needs fulfilled before the Thanksgiving shopping rush. If you are looking to land something fast, look no further than the shopping mall, where most stores are doing on the spot interviews for seasonal positions.

Good luck!

The Cubicle Chick