How To Be A Person


You get up in the morning and even before crawling out of bed, the first thing you do is check your phone for new notifications. As you grab your morning coffee, you again turn to social channels as you wait inline. More notifications. More likes. A few retweets and oh, an email and a text.

Every time our phones light-up and each notification we receive is another social contact made. But how deep are those contacts. How important is that time spent checking and rechecking for something new? If we’re not careful, we might forget that the people on the other end of our communications are in fact also humans, with lives and finite amounts of time to engage.

Our 24/7 connection to the digital world often disconnects us from the real world around us — from our physical surroundings, from our loved ones, and especially from ourselves. We become overstimulated and thus, have less resources to devote to what’s really important to us, our goals, and our relationships. So, what would happen if we lived with more intention — tried to be more human in this age of digital technology?

We look at this in our latest thoughts on our our global theme, The Future of Now. We encourage you to read them. Reflect on it. Share your own thoughts.

And in the meantime, Kid President shares how you can be a better person. Bring all this with you to SMW14 — it’s going to be an incredible week exploring this more in-depth.

Featured image courtesy Kid President.

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