How Food And Family Meals Impact Happiness


Do the foods we eat—and whom eat them with—affect our happiness levels? Here’s what science has to say. According to Happify, 90% of people say that eating together as a family is more important than where the food comes from

Their study explores which foods make us happier:

  • A study shows that people who eat 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day rank highest in happiness and mental health
  • Butter is better than margarine, which has been found to lead to impatience, aggression, and irritability
  • Eat pecans, pumpkin seeds, wild salmon, soybeans, cashews, and bananas to increase your magnesium levels and prevent depression

When it comes to holiday & Thanksgiving gatherings…

  • Resist the temptation to “shake it up” – studies show that following traditions strengthens family bonds
  • Keep resentment to a minimum by having everyone pitch in. 65% of people use this keep-the-peace strategy
  • Use fragrant rosemary to help everyone remember the holidays – neuroscientists say its scent improves memory

How to enjoy your food as best you can:

  • Turn off the TV and other distractions
  • Remember to enjoy the company around you
  • Don’t talk so much that you don’t experience the food
  • Put down your fork between bites
  • Keep portions of indulgent foods small
  • Feel the texture of each bite
  • Wait at least 20 minutes before you go back for seconds

Happify - Infographic - Food & Holidays

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