How a Drinks Company Used Glastonbury to Drive Facebook Engagement


How a Drinks Company Used Glastonbury to Drive Facebook Engagement image glastonbury user generated contentThe holy grail of social campaigns is producing posts online that not only receive a wide visibility but also inspire your followers to get involved and ultimately drive the way your business/product communicates.

Social media and marketing can be seen as a big ‘ol shouting match and you have to be shouting the most interesting stuff to turn the heads of your prospects and potential customers. I’m not much of a shouty person but what I am good at is quietly whispering in the ear of an influential target audience member and getting them to do the shouting – the social media horse whisperer… *jots down potential new job title*.

User generated vs user inspired content

So back to this interesting stuff to shout about. User generated content is something that many brands use in abundance to get their audience to interact, however, something I have been quite a fan of for new brands starting out on their social media trip is user inspired content.

For new Facebook pages especially, the incentive for a user to contribute a piece of content and the page to share on its wall isn’t really that great – not in the early stages anyway. What I have been doing with a few of my clients is creating a character for a brand and publishing content within a formula/style before asking followers to suggest a topic related to them specifically for the character to write about. This way, that person has a vested interest in getting a response and is more likely to share.

Hello Glastonbury!

For example, one of my clients is a drinks brand so I created a group of characters based on the name of the brand and gave them all individual identities and voices before getting each of them to write some spoof previews of this summer’s music festivals with a particular focus on Glastonbury.

These posts generated 4 times the amount of interaction and new followers as we had seen previously so I decided to go one further and review local bands in the same style with the offer of free branded merchandise to the bands we publish. Giving branded merchandise out opens up the potential for user created content in that the band can post a picture of them with their new t-shirts/caps/cuddly toys or whatever you decide to give away.

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After the 1st review was published on the brand’s wall, it was not only shared onto the chosen band’s wall but by the individual members themselves increasing the reach of the post dramatically. The page is now receiving numerous requests for similar spoof reviews to be written for them. Over the past few weeks the exposure has improved with each and every share and all the time, the page audience numbers have increased along with interaction.

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In terms of brand recognition and generating Facebook traffic, this has been a resounding success and I’ve been given a load of new bands to listen to, which is always a bonus.

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