Hootsuite Dashboard Launches Support for RSS Feeds


Hootsuite today launched Hootsuite Syndicator, an RSS reader that operates within Hootsuite’s social dashboard for Chrome browser users.

Dashboard users can display their RSS feeds in their Hootsuite account and share content to multiple social networks using the dashboard. Users who have installed the Chrome extension, Hootlet, will have the opportunity to subscribe to RSS feeds from using Syndicator.

“”The core problem that a lot of people have with social media is not knowing what to say, and some people are solving that by using RSS as a way of bringing content into their dashboard and republishing that,” said Michael Tippett, director of new products for HootSuite.

Syndicator works, at least in this initial stage, in Google’s browser, Chrome, but it comes as a response to Google’s exit from the RSS reader market.

“Content marketing and curation are rising in popularity among brand marketers, even while popular RSS readers are being closed down or withering into obscurity,” Hootsuite said in its announcement.

Mark Holder, director of integration partners, said Hootsuite saw the demise of Google Reader as “a great opportunity to jump in there and provide richer and deeper RSS capabilities, but also tie in that social layer.”

Hootsuite allows users to manage several dozen social services from a single dashboard. Its products are used by 79 of the Fortune 100 companies, it says.

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