Healthcare in the US – Statistics and Trends


Medical fundraising website has published a new infographic on topic “Healthcare in the US” covering latest statistics and trends on the expensiveness of healthcare in US as compared to the other countries in World. An average US citizen spends the highest per year in World i.e $ 8,233 followed by Norway ( $ 5,388) , Switzerland (5,270), Netherlands ($ 5,056) and Luxembourg ( $ 4,786) .

In terms of GDP as well , United States spends the most i.e 17.6% of GDP on healthcare, followed by Netherlands (12.0%) , Germany ( 11.6%), France (11.6%) and Canada (11.4%)

15.4% of Americans do not have a health insurance, Out of which 31.6% of respondents cited unaffordability of insurance as main reason for not having a proper health insurance.

Please check the infographic below for complete facts and statistics –

Healthcare in the US Statistics and Trends image

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