Hands On With Google’s New Nexus 7




During a press event in San Francisco Wednesday morning Google unveiled the next generation of its popular Nexus 7 tablet. The first device to ship running Android 4.3, the tablet is both thinner and lighter than the original, and sports a number of other improvements, including a forward-facing camera, a high-resolution rear-facing camera and a brilliant 1920×1200 display.

After Wednesday’s event, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with the new Nexus 7, and walked away fairly impressed.

A Brand New Look

One of my favorite parts of the original Nexus 7 was the rear of the device. Shortly after its release, Google’s Matias Duarte, the director of Android and user experience, told me that it was meant to feel like a driving glove. I found that it did. It was a pleasure to hold, and I quickly found myself reaching for it over the iPad that had become my staple tablet at the time. Read more…

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