Google+ Users Hate Juggling Multiple Accounts, Love Hangouts

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David Glazer

In a fireside chat held by Google+ engineers, users expressed real dissatisfaction with the way the platform forces users to juggle multiple accounts but praised Hangouts.

The problem indicates a major glitch in how Google forces users to link a single Google+ account to a single login, usually from email. As the popularity of Gmail has grown, especially for work accounts, the requirement forces users to have multiple profiles on Google+.

The staffers, speaking at the company’s developer conference, I/O, acknowledged that the experience using Google+ with multiple accounts was “not good.” On average, the staff said, they had 2.2 accounts apiece.

“I’m a startup addict so I have multiple accounts. I get people following me in Google+ where I don’t post. My issue is that I can’t consolidate these accounts or send a message that says, hey I’m not active on this account,” said one commenter.

The multiple accounts made his search results less than clear, rather than more clear, the user said. The search giant aggressively promotes improved search results as a reason for brands and authors to use Google+.

Yet, Google had no real solution. David Glazer, Google+’s engineering director, suggested that the startup addict put text in his profile photos to tell users to find him on other Google+ profiles. That approach would not be reflected in search results.

Another commenter complained that he had difficulty adding people to his circles in his Google+ accounts. If he is logged in using one Google ID and comes across a user he’d like to add to his circles in a Google+ account linked to another ID, he had found no good way to do it. Even copying and pasting the user profile’s URL, he was re-directed to his own Google+ homepage.

Glazer asked the room how many users had been burned by this issue in the last week, and most of the room indicated they had.

But users offered glowing reviews of Hangouts. Several said Hangouts had transformed the way they did business.

The staff indicated that they, too, relied on the service, which Google yesterday broke out from Google+ as a free-standing app. Google hosts 20,000 hangouts a day for its own purposes, Glazer said.

While Hangouts currently works within Google+ and as a free-standing app, Google will slowly stop maintaining it as a feature within the Google+ mobile apps.

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