Google Glass Gets Social With Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Other Apps


Soon you’ll be able to look your friends in the eye (sort of) when you log into your favorite social network with Google Glass.

Google has just announced at the I/O conference in San Francisco that the futuristic eyewear will come with applications for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Evernote as well as publications like CNN and Elle.

UPDATE: Conference attendee David Ambrose got to try out the Tumblr app yesterday. He told us the app was “simple” with “limited functionality,” but he liked Google Glass overall once he got used to wearing the device.

The first social network to appear on Glass was Path; the first news organization was The New York Times. The company is fittingly referring to the apps as “Glassware.”

Twitter has announced the feature on its blog. Already on the microblogging site, Glass testers are tweeting photos that are automatically marked with the hashtag, #throughglass.

Elle is promising a curated selection of photos, videos, and read-aloud excerpts from the ELLEDispatch blog, as well as fashion LookBooks and horoscopes that readers can organize into reading lists and wish lists. Readers will also be able to share the articles and photos with their contacts using the glasses, the company said.


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