Gmail Introduces Tighter Integration With Calendar


Gmail 2.0Gmail will now automatically underline dates and times mentioned in emails, allowing users to use the information to schedule events in Google Calendar without leaving the Gmail interface.

“If you do a lot of scheduling over email, it’s now a little bit easier to create events directly from your Gmail,” Gmail product manager Boris Khvostichenko wrote on a company blog.

Users who click on the underlined text will access a small-pop up window that allows them to preview their schedule for the day, edit the details of the event and save it to Google Calendar.

When viewed from the calendar, events created this way will include a link back to the email used to create them.

The feature is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to tie its products more tightly together.

Google said the feature will roll out over the next week to English-language users. The company plans to add support for other users as well.


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