Giving Thanks for Your Blog Team


It takes a village to run a business blog. Take a moment to name the team member responsible for each of the following tasks, keeping in mind that some people may wear more than one hat:

  • Writing: Creating compelling, easy-to-scan content that engages readers—and maybe even turns them into customers!
  • Marketing: Researching industry trends and identifying hot topics and products to keep your brand relevant.
  • Planning: Taking the ideas generated by marketing and organizing them into an editorial calendar to guide your writers.
  • SEO Optimization: Making sure that every post not only stays front-of-mind for readers but also top-of-page for search results.
  • Tech Support: Ensuring that every link is clickable and every page displays correctly.
  • Graphic Design: Creating a visual environment that complements your brand and catches the reader’s eye.
  • Social Media Engagement: Connecting with readers and customers to foster a community centered on your brand.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Combing through every piece of copy to weed out embarrassing typos and grammatical mistakes that can damage your brand’s credibility.

Each of the people on your list contributes to the overall success of your blog. When was the last time you thanked them for their contribution?

It’s vital to remember that your business blog is the cornerstone of your company’s online presence. Content marketing is an increasingly important way to reach customers in the connected world. According to the folks over at Spark’d, “content marketing is so effective because it creates a relationship between your customers and your business. … Through content marketing you’re giving your company a voice.”

The voice of your company shouldn’t be handed over to an intern as busywork. It shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of a single overworked marketing team member. Everyone at your company should feel as if they have a stake in it—because, at the end of the day (and the bottom of the line), they do.

As content marketing experts Zontee Hou and Megan Gilbert explain, your online presence should be everyone’s responsibility. “Is the blog considered something that only the marketing team does? Is the blog the responsibility of an intern or entry-level “go-getter”? Or is it perceived as a tool that defines the company to the outside world—to the world of potential customers and seed enthusiasts? Is it touted internally as a place where employees’ expertise is put on display?”

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As with any other business activity, engagement begins at the top. Your C-suite should understand the value that blogging and content marketing add to the company. (And if you’re a C-suite executive reading this article, you’re already well ahead of the curve.) With buy-in at the top level of your organization, you can build a culture that values contribution and participation.

Engage everyone in your organization by inviting contribution at every level. You may discover hidden strengths and talents among your employees—a skilled writer in HR with a knack for compulsively readable content, or a marketing exec with a passion for organization who can whip your editorial calendar into shape. By including everyone’s ideas and abilities—and by recognizing them for their contributions—you not only build a better blog but a stronger company as well.

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