Get LOUD: Six Rules of Disruption


This post was written by Winston La


Who doesn’t love data? Apparently, everyone. I had hopes of attending the “Data-Driven MasterClass,” but due to popular demand, I opted for “Get Loud: Six Rules of Disruption.”

And I learned a lot.

How do brands get closer to their fans and consumers? Get ready to get loud, because it’s all about the conversation.

Teachers Leah Walker (Head of North America Social Media & Advocacy, Nokia), and Josefina Rodriguez of Nokia US, used their company as an example of holding a conversation with the consumers. They recommend watching out for trends and playing with both consumers and other brands.

In one example, Nokia uses memes such as “Thor’s Hammer” and Brittany Spears’ “Work B*tch,” on Twitter and Facebook, to spark conversations with people. The memes represent both the durability and tenacity of the Nokia Brand.

Remember that your social message must still be relevant to your brand. However, Leah advises that brands prepare for negative criticism: there is no such thing as playing safe on the social stage.

The latter meme, for example, drew much discussion. Some people approved, while others objected to the company’s use of language. Their recent ad, comparing the Lumia 1020 to DSLR cameras also generated a large conversation among people, with professional photographers largely angry and the average consumer excited.

It’s all about balance and opening up that conversation. After all, you can’t disrupt without creating some waves.

Winston La is a senior at IN-Tech Academy and a member of the MOUSE Corps program for three years. He likes tinkering with various gadgets and odd news. Follow him @winstontla.

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