Oblique London have recently started their Oblique Worldwide Series. This means that no matter where you are in the world you can find amazing places to visit. Oblique Worldwide is a series of blog pieces that will document their team’s experiences in different parts of the world and suggest the most oblique places for you to visit.

A few weeks ago the Oblique team decided to take a cheeky city break and visit one of the world’s most beautiful and cultural cities, Barcelona. What a weekend it was, a combination of incredible food, amazing drinks, great weather and most importantly, super Oblique people. What we loved most was the dramatic slow down in the pace of life but also getting lost in Barcelona’s seductive time warp.


It is no secret that Barcelona is a mecca for foodies and we were definitely not disappointed. Apart from Spanish tapas, Barcelona has become the home of the most advanced and innovative form of cooking, ‘molecular gastronomy’. Barcelona’s Ferran Adria, founder of the infamous ‘El Buli’ changed the way that we experience food. He created undoubtedly the most controversial and experimental restaurant in the world but also triggered a paradigm shift in the way that we understand food and flavour.

It is for this very reason that when in Barcelona you must take time and put some money aside to visit one the city’s many ‘gastronomic labs’. Now that El Buli is closed, the place to visit is the new Adria establishment called ‘Tickets’. A different concept to El Buli, but you will still find some of the classics. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a reservation as it does get booked up months in advance but nonetheless we still recommend a visit here if you can.

Picture 5 - Jordi Cruz

Another must is Sauc restaurant situated in the Ohla hotel right at the heart of Barcelona. Started by chef Xavier Franco it has been rewarded a Michelin star and delivers the highest quality Catalan food. He focuses sourcing local produce and using the seasonal ingredients to create a journey through Catalan. Our favourite dishes were the ‘creamy duck liver, cookie onion, lemon and sweet wine’ and ‘the wild boar tenderloin’.

Tapas and Spain are synonymous of each other. Our pick is a super relaxed and casual spot called Ten’s. Started by Jordi Cruz who already boasts 4 Michelin stars to his name, it epitomises everything that Tapas should be, simple, fresh and clean. The food was excellent and the service even better. Our pick of the dishes were the following: ‘Coal-smoked Cantabrian anchovies with semi-dried tomatoes’, ‘Tuna tartare with cured egg yolk, lime, green onion, sesame and wasabi’ and ‘Patatas bravas with foamy aioli and spicy tomato sauce’.

Picture 3 - Tens Restaurant

Our last recommendation was found totally by chance and thank god we found it. One of our pet hates about tourist attractions is that surrounding restaurants are always overpriced. After visiting Gaudi’s famous Sagrada La Familia we wanted to grab a bite to eat but couldn’t find anything. We then stumbled along this small little place that can only be described as #sooblique. It resembled more a tavern in the countryside with legs of jamon hanging around the room. What we loved most was the story of the place, started by 3 friends who moved to Barcelona from different countries. They created such a welcoming environment which made us want to stay there all afternoon. The food was simple and delicious, so please go and say hello when in Barcelona and mention the Oblique team.

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