Generation Y: The Entitled Generation


Generation Y

We are a generation that is prodded. Told that we are special. We are capable of things that we dream of. I absolutely agree. I really believe that people, no matter who or what they are are always capable of reaching their dreams and ambitions. But if you would notice, there is an increasing trend. Specially on social media. The advent of websites such as Thought Catalogue or some other inspirational website. Everyone keeps on sharing or talking about articles on “what” are the goals, Everyone shares an article about “The things you should do” or “The things that you should achieve” by the time that you a young adult. But almost no one talks about “How” are you going to do that.

Of course, it’s obvious that almost everyone of us already has a goal in mind so why not discuss “how” are we going to reach it and not “what” is it? but no one really does act on it right? We are a generation where we expect everything to be laid out in front of us. We are now in a time where we have become entitled people. Because we think that we are special, we think almost everything will go our way.


Everything Is Spoonfed To Us

Almost, if not all is so easy for us to have. If we are to compare the previous generation, they were told that in order for you to get to a greener pasture, you must work hard. But our generation is quite different. We think that we will get where we want because we are “special”. We are just waiting for the world to see our so called “potential”.


We have been prodded from birth

It’s pretty much safe to say that we have been prodded from birth until we are so called “adults”. But we have to learn and know that it’s time to wake up, grow up and take responsibility for the actions and realize that not everything will be laid out in front of us.


We Are Wildly Ambitious Without Any Clue On How To Get What We Want

We no longer want just a “secure career”, we want a “fulfilling career” without really lifting any finger for it. It’s time to realize that the world does not own us anything.

But I have a suggestion for our Generation on how we can achieve all of the things that we want. It’s really easy. after all, we are special right? Here are those:

  • Still stay ambitious. It should be noted that we are not criticizing members of the generation Y who are ambitious because actually that’s a good thing. What we don’t like is being ambitious without putting the work. Dream BIG, Work Bigger.
  • Lastly, stop thinking that you are special. No matter how painful that sounds. Always remember that you are just like everyone else. It’s up to you to work hard to make yourself standout from the crowd.

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