From AltaVista to Axis, Yahoo Bids Farewell to Search Engines Past


yahoo, search engines, axis, google, It is with a wisp of nostalgia that we bid farewell to AltaVista, one of the Web’s first search engines.

The iconic product was on a death list Yahoo released today, alongside the Axis mobile search app, the company’s 2012 effort at leapfrogging Google in mobile search.

“Earlier this year, we announced an ongoing effort to sharpen our focus and deliver experiences that enhance your daily lives. As part of that, today we’re shutting down a few products so we can continue to focus on creating beautiful products that are essential to you every day,” wrote Jay Rossiter, Yahoo’s executive vice president for platforms on the company’s new Tumblr blog.

The company said Yahoo’s search engine and Yahoo Search app can substitute for the killed search products.

While other companies are rushing in to the RSS void left by Google Reader, Yahoo pruned its RSS offerings. Earlier today, the company announced the addition of email alerts for additional types of content. Rossiter indicated this afternoon that users rely on those alerts to replace the RSS alerts Yahoo will kill effective July 1.

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