Foursquare’s Latest iOS Update Delivers New Incentives for Checking In


social networks, social media, local search, foursquare, twitter, facebook, yelpEarly Wednesday, Foursquare launched an update for its iOS app that allows users to share the insights the app offers on their check-in activity on Facebook and Twitter.

“Love checking in and seeing that you’ve passed your record for weeks in a row at the gym? Now we’ve made it easier to share the insights you see after you check in on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Just tap the share button to show off your 30-week gym streak, an awesome special that you unlocked, or a great tip from a friend,” the company said in the app description.

Harking back to its early experiments with badges and mayorships to spur check-ins, the app still displays a dialogue box after a user checks in, telling him or her how many similar businesses s/he has checked into of late. The latest release makes it possible for users to share that content on other social networks. As the  gym example makes clear, the company is hoping that will encourage users to check in more consistently than they otherwise might.

Foursquare has been moving aggressively to reposition itself as a local search app, serving up tips and information about local businesses in its Explore feature, rather than a location-based social network.

But relevant tips still rely on user check-ins, which Foursquare has had trouble continuing to generate. The company recently sought to hire a product manager who would lead a team in devising new ways to encourage users to check-in.

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