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Fliike Enables Small Businesses To Display Real-Time, Running Tally Of Facebook Likes


Most readers are likely familiar with the signs outside McDonald’s restaurants keeping a running tally of how many billions of customers have been served. French startup Smiirl swapped burgers sold for Facebook likes with its upcoming Fliike, which businesses can display in a prominent location to feature a real-time running total of their likes on the social network.

Smiirl said it will ship its first limited-edition batch of 500 Fliike units at the end of November, at a cost of $ 390 plus delivery fees, before the price goes up.

Fliike requires access to Wi-Fi and a Facebook account, and the unit is 16.5 inches wide by 4.72 inches high by 4.72 inches deep.

The display on Fliike units only have room for five digits, however, so once businesses approach 99,999 likes, they may need to custom-order an extra-wide Fliike, which Smiirl Co-Founder and CEO Gauthier Nadaud told TechCrunch the company would be open to producing.

Nadaud told TechCrunch that it targeted small businesses and local businesses with Fliike, as opposed to the “very complicated and costly installations” that larger companies and brands tend to favor, adding that Smiirl chose a mechanical counter over a digital display because:

Screens are everywhere. That’s why we provide a simple design using mechanical interactions, thus giving the Internet some tangible aspect.

Nadaud added that seeing a like count on display at a business makes it more likely that satisfied customers or clients will follow suit and like the business’ Facebook page.

Readers: Do you think you will begin to see Fliike devices in local businesses in your neighborhoods?

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