Five SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid


Regularly blogging awesome material does so much for your business. It provides a reason for your readers to return. It establishes new connections, and strengthens older ones.

It brings you exposure in front of a new audience. Achieving the right level of SEO for your blog is like walking a tightrope. Not enough or too much, and you’ll fall over on either side.

Here are five SEO mistakes to avoid as you continue to write:

Overreliance On Keywords

People are done hiring plumbers in Chicago who sell their plumbing services to people interested in plumbing. That sentence was probably as painful for you to read as it was for me to write.

Instead, why not focus on actually solving one of your readers’ problems? They may be looking for how to fix a leaky pipe, or tips for hiring a plumber, or the best strategies for avoiding a plumbing emergency. People want to know about this stuff too. You’ll be providing more value.

The danger to this one is alienating the very people you’re working to attract.

Infrequent Posting

The whole idea with a blog is to keep your customers returning. When you blog once a month or less, how are people supposed to remember that you’re out there? You have a lot of competition, and they’re working hard to differentiate themselves from YOU.

So keep posting the right kinds of material, and work as hard as you can to stay in front of them. Exposure is still key in marketing your business, but it has to be informative, entertaining and valuable.

Not Maintaining True Control Of Your Site

Free hosting is not the place where you want to make budget cutbacks as a blogger. When your site is at “,” naturally your SEO is going to suffer for not having your own name. You also won’t get the control of themes and plugins that you need to truly make your site your own.

WordPress self-hosting is one great option. There’s also Joomla and an assortment of other content management systems designed to hand control over to you. The expenses will be a domain name (usually around $ 12), a minimal hosting package (usually around $ 50) and the cost of a theme (usually between $ 50 and $ 100).

Not too bad if you’re looking for complete control of your SEO. If you’re running a business, those are costs you can recoup through having your site properly optimized.

Not Utilizing Design Help

Your logo is going to be what people see of your business for (hopefully) a long, long time. Your website and blog are going to be the online “home base” for your business.

Making sure both are visually appealing is crucial. This means a designer for the logo, graphics, and any theme modifications you’re looking to make. Remember, it’s the visual appeal that draws people in. It’s your valuable content that will keep people there.

Mix Up Your Post Descriptions

The SEO description for your post should give readers an idea what your post is actually going to be about. It’s OK to work a keyword or two in, but make sure people understand what they’re about to read. Remember, you’re trying to draw them in off the search results page.

Bringing It All Together

Remember, blogging is not an overnight solution for dreamy SEO results. It’s going to take patience and a lot of experimentation to determine what the right blogging strategy for your business will be.

Consistently provide the type of awesome, valuable information that your audience is specifically looking for, and you’ll have a winning recipe.

So what’s worked for you in the past? Have you had a blog post that stood out and drove significant traffic? Do you know why?

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