Finalizing Your Self Storage Company [Infographic]


Hiring a self storage unit has almost become a trend in cities like New York where people live extremely busy lives. When we are stretching to our maximum extent possible to accommodate all important activities, it becomes almost impossible to take out time and effort to manage the extra stuff that we have accumulated over the years. Hence the solution – self storage.

But in order the get the best bang for your buck, it is important that you find as much detail about the storage company and evaluate them to pick the one that suits you the best.

Here’s a list of the type of information you should find about a storage facility:

Size of Storage Units
Find about the unit sizes available in the facility and which unit will serve your purpose best. This gives you an insight about their knowledge also.

Special Benefits and Features
Find out what extra services they offer to differentiate themselves from competition.

Safety and Security
Find out about the steps the facility takes for keeping your belongings safe and in the be3sty conditions. Apart from features like security cameras, climate control, etc. also look for their proactive attitude towards this concern.

Ask about the upfront registration fees and monthly rental that you will have to pay for your unit.

Try to use any special scheme or discounts which the facility offers. Generally, storage companies give discounts if you hire for a number of months at one item rather than small duration.

Accessibility timings
Storage facilities have two types of accessibility features – 24 hours and limited hours. Find out which one is being provided by them.

Customer Experience
Though a vague question, this will infact help you understand the commitment levels the staff ha. It is important that the people you have to meet often are co-operative and friendly.

Ask for testimonials and positive customer reviews. Remember feedback matters.
Taking out some time to assess and evaluate the storage facilities will help you avoid trouble in the long run. Store your belongings with the best facility and enjoy the extra space and time.


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