Eating out in the city has never been easier with Aqua Kyoto as your stunning seaweed port of call. This Japanese restaurant has a menu focusing on seaweed dishes. It opens up a whole new world of choices for those who have only recently become acquainted with the delight of seaweed.

Aqua Kyoto – Japanese

In three words: Trailblazing, Inspired, Stunning

The Lowdown: Paul Greening is on a mission – to bring seaweed to the masses. He wants to get us eating healthier and more sustainable food, for the good of our bodies and our planet. But don’t worry, he is not some zealous juice advocate that is going to insist on blended kale and seaweed smoothies – he is the Executive Chef at Aqua Kyoto Japanese restaurant, and what he has created is a tasteful masterpiece.

Up until November 15th you can try his three course seaweed menu – an astounding assortment of dishes that almost look too good to eat. The carefully constructed plates showcase the best of over 20 different kinds of seaweed, much of which is sourced in Britain by his very hands. And when you do tuck in, prepare your taste buds for a surprise, because each mouthful delivers a glorious multitude of fresh, unusual and perfectly balanced flavours that will have you singing the praises of the sea and wondering how on earth you can assimilate this wonder ingredient into your general diet.

The new Aqua Seaweed Menu at Aqua Kyoto, London Picture - David Bebber

Location: Kyoto can be found on the top floor of the former Dickens and Jones Department Store, just off Regent Street – enter the seductively dark foyer, whizz up in the lift, and arrive at Kyoto. This really is a little oasis in the heart of central London.

The Occasion: Bored of the usual steak supper, fish feast or Thai treat? This meal is perfect for when you want to be experimental and try something completely out of the box. Also ideal when you want a filling, substantial meal but don’t want to end the dinner feeling bloated and uncomfortable. In fact, the whole experience feels like you’re doing your body some good while also eating delicious food – not something that happens every day!

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