Facebook’s Atlas Ad Platform Gives Coastal Contacts Better Vision of Its Customers


AtlasWelcomeScreen650An eyewear retailer took a close look at Facebook’s revamped Atlas ad platform and liked what it saw, as Coastal Contacts used the platform’s people-based measurement to gain a more clear picture of the connection between its online advertising and its in-store sales.

Facebook marketing manager Nicole Maraschky introduced a case study detailing Coastal Contacts’ use of Atlas in a blog post:

Eyewear innovator Coastal Contacts gained a new view into online and offline results when it used Atlas to clarify multitouch customer journeys and prove that online activities trickled down to offline activity. With over 6 million customers worldwide, Coastal Contacts is the largest online retailer for eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses and uses many online advertising channels to reach its customers.

By using people-based measurement, Coastal Contacts was able to:

  • Discover the direct connection between online influence and in-store purchases.
  • Understand the actual age and gender breakdowns of both its online and offline buyers.
  • Make better optimization decisions to ensure ads intended for new buyers aren’t served to existing customers.
  • Target a high-value audience with new relevance to increase offline conversions.

People-based measurement from Atlas let Coastal Contacts see a clear connection between its online advertising and its in-store sales, illuminating new paths to conversion that cookies alone could never have revealed.

More details were offered in the case study:

Direct connections between online influence and in-store purchases: Atlas accurately showed how online ads directly influenced in-store traffic and purchase behavior, revealing that 50 percent of in-store buyers had previously been exposed to online ads. This allowed Coastal Contacts to directly correlate the return on investment for online ads with in-store sales, helping their marketing team consider new calls to action –such as in-store promotions — for online ads.

Options for retargeting proven customers: The study also revealed that at least one-half of online ads were being served to recent purchasers. Coastal Contacts plans to use these people-based insights in the future to optimize ad spend by making sure ads intended for new customers are not served to existing buyers.

Demographic comparisons between in-store and online conversions: People-based reporting and measurement uncovered the actual age and gender breakdowns for both online and offline buyers, helping Coastal Contacts more accurately target potential buyers with relevant creative. In addition, Atlas helped them test how online advertising targeted to new demographics, including female and older age cohorts, influenced in-store sales.

Opportunities for a high-yielding audience: Atlas let Coastal Contacts target a high-potential audience with new relevance, using the clarity people-based measurement illuminated to drive online ads aimed at increasing offline conversions.

Coastal Contacts chief marketing officer Braden Hoeppner said in the blog post:

Identity data gives advertisers 20/20 vision for ad serving or tracking. Atlas offers clarity into the whole picture of ad campaigns for on and offline conversions.