Facebook Testing More Uses For Open Graph Actions Such As ‘Want To Watch, Watched?’


AddToMyMovies650Facebook may be experimenting with new locations for Open Graph actions such as “want to watch,” which it debuted last March for posts from applications, and which were added to posts and lists from friends’ Timelines later that month.

Reader Matteo Gamba of Patience shared the screenshot above, in which an “add” button appeared along with a link shared by a friend, and clicking on the add button gave him the ability to add that link to his movies, either as “watched” or “want to watch.”

This could be a bug, as Facebook has experienced similar bugs in the past. Last April, Open Graph Actions such as “read,” “want to read,” watched, and wanted to watch began appearing in Facebook’s mobile applications, but later that month, Facebook said it was the result of a bug.

In the example from Gamba, the link is for a post by Superstar Magazine, yet the add button brought up options that were related to movies.

UPDATED: Reader Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital shared the screenshots below of similar posts, which also gave him the option to review the content that his friend shared the link to. The reviews consisted of both Facebook’s five-star ratings system, as well as any commentary users wished to add.

After Fialkov reviewed the content, friends who saw his post could perform the same actions.

Readers: Have you seen anything similar?

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