Facebook SPMD Shift Updates Ad Platform


ShiftNewPlatform650Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer and social marketing platform Shift announced the release of the next generation of its platform, which includes people-based marketing and measurement tools, enhanced automation technology, comprehensive reporting and a re-engineered programmatic ads solution.

New features in Shift’s platform — the new version is in beta and currently available for select customers only — include:

  • Advertising automation: Through a set of customized rules and triggers that leverage a diverse set of third-party services, advertisers can achieve alignment between campaigns and real-time data across channels and devices.
  • Robust insights: Advanced data reporting capabilities provide insights and data visualizations needed to identify which campaigns are driving conversions and maximizing return on investment.
  • People-based marketing: Users can now integrate Atlas’ measurement capabilities directly within ad campaigns in one single step, helping marketers reach real people across devices and platforms.
  • Mobile display: Marketers can now extend campaigns beyond social and into other mobile applications, leveraging Facebook data for precise targeting.
  • Improved programmatic ads solution: A redesigned and re-engineered user interface gives marketers the tools needed to build and manage campaigns using real-time optimizations that lead to better decision-making and help reach customers efficiently.

Shift co-founder and CEO James Borow said in a release introducing the new version of the company’s platform:

We built the latest edition of the Shift platform with one goal in mind: To provide marketers with a single solution to automate their marketing initiatives, reach their business goals and maximize ROI. The new release of Shift is the most comprehensive platform for social and mobile advertising to date, and as a result, marketers now have the tools they need to successfully compete in a social and mobile driven landscape.