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Facebook Rolls Out Trusted Contacts


Having your password compromised on Facebook is a terrible ordeal. But now there’s a way to safely restore your information, with the help of close friends. In 2011, Facebook first introduced Trusted Friends, which allowed friends to verify that you’re really you and help you gain access into your account. Facebook announced Thursday that it has improved the service, rolling it out globally as Trusted Contacts.

Through Trusted Contacts, friends you designate can verify your identity and send you an access code to get back into your Facebook account. Facebook users can choose their trusted contacts anytime through the site’s security settings, not just when their account has been compromised.

Facebook recommends that users only designate select friends as trusted contacts — people you can reach offline and whom you’d trust enough to have sensitive information:

Once you’ve set up your trusted contacts, if you ever have trouble logging in, you’ll have your trusted contacts as an option to help. You just need to call your trusted contacts and let them know you need their help to regain access to your account. Each of them can get a security code for you with instructions on how to help you. Once you get three security codes from your trusted contacts, you can enter them into Facebook to recover your account.

With trusted contacts, there’s no need to worry about remembering the answer to your security question or filling out long Web forms to prove who you are. You can recover your account with help from your friends.

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