Facebook Promises More Accurate Enforcement Of 20 Percent Text Rule


TryBoostingYourPostsAgainFacebook continued to urge page administrators to use its boost post feature, and the latest wrinkle includes a promise that it will more accurately enforce its rule that images in ads can contain no more than 20 percent text.

Sister blog Inside Facebook shared the screenshot above, with the header, “Try Boosting Your Posts Again,” reading:

We’ve improved the accuracy of the way we measure our 20 percent text policy. This means posts you’ve tried to boost in the past may now meet our ad guidelines.

A Facebook spokesperson offered more details to Inside Facebook, saying:

We made some recent changes to the accuracy of measuring of our 20 percent text policy. We’ve improved the way in which we detect text to more accurately measure 20 percent of text in ads. To be clear, the policy has not changed, and still remains at 20 percent, but the way we measure it has (to be more accurate).

The external grid tool will continue to be a resource, and we recommend marking five boxes on the grid in order to determine whether your creative is likely to be deemed acceptable. Please note that if there is superfluous text in any images, we still reserve the final decision on the quality of the ad, and all images with more than 20 percent text are still in violation.

As Inside Facebook pointed out, the 20 percent rule does not apply to posts from pages, only to ads.

Readers: Is this a helpful change by Facebook?