Facebook Offers Advertisers $75 Ad Coupons To Complete Surveys


SurveyFreeAds650Facebook has conducted surveys in the past, to gauge both user experience and satisfaction with its advertising offerings, and its latest attempt at the latter comes with incentives — namely, a coupon worth $ 75 toward advertising on the social network.

Reader Matteo Gamba of Patience shared the screenshot above, in which he saw a message from the Facebook Marketing Team:

Tell us what you think and get a $ 75 ad coupon.

We are conducting a national survey to better understand how we can meet your marketing needs.

Take this five- to 10-minute survey by March 5 and get a $ 75 ad coupon.

Your information will be used for research purposes only. We will not share your personally identifiable information with anyone outside of Facebook, as stated in our data use policy.

The “Take Survey” button links to this survey, containing questions about advertisers’ primary business objectives, usage of Facebook’s ad offerings, size of users’ organizations, overall satisfaction with advertising on the social network, and other topics.

Readers: Have any of you received similar offers from Facebook to complete surveys?

Image of red mouse courtesy of Shutterstock.