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Facebook For Every Phone Tops 100M Monthly Users


Facebook for Every Phone, the application that brings the social network to feature phones, or devices that are not smartphones, announced that it has topped 100 million monthly active users.

The app is aimed at developing markets, such as India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where millions of people are accessing Facebook via inexpensive devices.

On the business side, sister blog Inside Facebook reported in April that the social network’s Power Editor and ads application-programming interface were updated to allow advertisers to target “feature phones only.”

Facebook Growth Manager Ran Makavy announced the milestone in a post on the Facebook Newsroom:

This is an important milestone for us. Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected, and Facebook for Every Phone enables people around the globe to connect to the people and things they care about most, no matter what kind of mobile device they use.

Today, millions of people in developing markets like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines are relying on this technology to connect with Facebook, without having to purchase a smartphone.

Ultimately, Facebook for Every Phone is a fast and easy-to-use native app that works on more than 3,000 different types of feature phones from almost every handset manufacturer that exists today. These devices can cost as little as $ 20.

The app is a comprehensive Facebook experience and feels more like a smartphone app. It includes Facebook’s most popular features, such as News Feed, Messenger, and photos, and provides a complete experience for first-time users, including the ability to create a new account and find friends.

This experience is optimized to use less data than other Java apps and mobile sites, making it more affordable to try and use. We also have partnerships with mobile operators around the world to offer free or discounted data access to Facebook for Every Phone.

Readers: How many of you own feature phones and use Facebook for Every Phone?

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