Facebook Factor: You Are What You Post


Facebook Factor: You Are What You Post image fb e13838402516312Suppose you woke up this morning with amnesia, and all you can remember is your Facebook user name and password. Imagine that the only way you have to discover yourself is based on your posts…

Did your heart just skip a beat? Did you rush over to check on the tone of your last post? How did you do? Public posting is something we all encounter, and many of us fall victim to posting cyber TMI (Too Much Information). This question was posed on Facebook (love the irony!) by one of my favorite pages, Mommy Has A Potty Mouth

Facebook isn’t the same as Twitter, where  news feeds move quickly and posts are either “re tweeted” or forgotten within a matter of minutes. The information you share is forever captured in a virtual time capsule accessible to your friends, family, and even strangers if you aren’t versed in privacy settings.

This actually brings up a great point; one that I share with my coaching clients who use social media for personal and professional growth. When utilizing social media for personal or professional use, consider that your “fans” and followers may use these platforms for an entirely different reason.

For instance, Facebook has become an accepted replacement for genealogical preservation and fact gathering.  Our children don’t grab an encyclopedia volume from a shelf to write papers anymore.  When tracking genealogy or gathering family stories and pictures, all generations from this time forward will go to Facebook. Are you posting the things you want your great-great grand kids to use in their grade school reports on family heritage? Better check.

I challenge you to this today:

Go to your Facebook page right now. Read your last three posts as if they were written by a stranger.  When you finish, check the last three posts of a few friends.  I’d love to have you post your LAST POST here in the comments. Would you send “you” a friend request? Let’s talk about this!

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