Facebook Faces Lawsuit Over False Likes


ThumbsUpThumbsDown650Did Facebook user Anthony Ditirro like the USA Today Facebook page, or didn’t he? Perhaps the answer will emerge during court proceedings, as the Colorado resident filed a lawsuit against the social network, seeking class-action status, and claiming that Facebook falsified likes for advertising purposes, CNET reported.

According to the suit, as reported by CNET, Ditirro appeared in at least one sponsored story, brought to his attention by one of his friends on the social network, saying that he had liked the USA Today page.

According to CNET, the complaint alleged that Ditirro had not visited the USA Today website, nor had he clicked the like button on that site or the newspaper’s Facebook page, reading:

Although plaintiff has nothing negative to say about USA Today newspapers, plaintiff is not an avid reader of USA Today, nor does plaintiff endorse the newspaper. Defendant knowingly used plaintiff’s likeness and Facebook profile to advertise to the general public that plaintiff endorsed USA Today without plaintiff’s permission.

The complaint accused Facebook of violating several civil and business codes in California, where the company is based, and it seeks damages of at least $ 750 per person for unauthorized use of their likenesses, CNET reported.

A spokesperson for Facebook told CNET:

The complaint is without merit, and we will defend ourselves vigorously.

Readers: How do you think this court case will play out?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.