Facebook Announces Their New Groups App, And It Sounds Like A Winner


Facebook has released “Groups” as a standalone app. Similar to the standalone Facebook Messenger app, you can now access and create Facebook Groups without the distraction of Facebook’s other offerings. This is especially useful for teams that use Facebook groups to communicate and collaborate, such as students and startups.

Even friends might use the Facebook Groups app to casually keep in touch and make plans. Conversations won’t rely on texting, and it’s much easier to share links and photos via Facebook than text, WhatsApp, or GroupMe. Considering the app is available immediately for iOS and Android, just about all tech-enthusiasts can start using it.

With more than one billion users across the globe, connecting with friends across the globe is easier than ever. You’ll also be able to access all of your Facebook Groups in one place, and set custom notifications for each one. You can download Facebook Groups here for iOS, and here for Android.


Social Media Week