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Facebook Adds Star Rating Recommendations To Desktop Pages


Recommendations are a huge part of Graph Search. When a user seeks a restaurant or book store their friends have liked, Facebook shows the average amount of stars their friends have rated the place. Previously, star ratings were available only through mobile and through random sidebar polling, but Inside Facebook noticed that recently Facebook added the ability to visit a page from desktop and give it a rating.

Whenever a user visits a place-based page (i.e. a page for a sports bar, retail store, or other business), they can then give the business a recommendation and rate it on a 5-star scale. Previously on a page, users could give a recommendation, but not rate it on a star scale.

Users could give a business a star rating through the Local Search function on the Facebook mobile app, and through random polling on the sidebar of desktop. Now, there’s a permanent place to assign star rankings — right on a business’ Timeline. Users can also easily change their ranking, instead of having to dig through the activity log to do so.

Users can also recommend unclaimed pages — usually cities, parks, or other types of landmarks that lack a dedicated Facebook presence.

Inside Facebook Editor Brittany Darwell explained more about this feature:

Although Facebook has had a “recommend this place” feature since 2011, it has only recently begun to emphasize ways for users to share more feedback about the locations and businesses they visit. The social network is also developing the same for content, with users now able to rate books, movies and TV shows as of this week. All of this is building Facebook’s potential as a local search and entertainment discovery platform, and has implications for the businesses and organizations that manage their presence there. More user generated reviews and ratings gives page owners a bit less control over what is displayed on their page and the sentiments revealed there. These ratings could also begin to influence Graph Search and News Feed distribution, introducing another factor for marketers to consider and optimize for.

Readers: How often do you rate a Facebook page?

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