Facebook Accounts for Nearly 60% of Social Logins [Infographic]


Gigya, a provider of social identity management tools, released it’s Q3 2014 social logins report this week and the results weren’t all that surprising. Facebook is still dominating social logins, Yahoo is still declining and Google actually dropped a few points for the first time in over a year.

Facebook is still responsible for nearly 60 percent of all social logins, and it accounts for more than three-quarters of social logins in the non-profit and education sectors. According to Victor White, director of marketing communications at Gigya, Facebook has worked hard to to improve consumer trust.

“Facebook’s continued climb as an identity provider is likely a result of many factors but its efforts to give users more control over their data is playing a significant role,” White told SocialTimes via email.

On the other side of the equation, White said Yahoo continues to fall because it simply isn’t providing users with any real value. Users who authenticate with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google know what they’re getting, and see how those profiles relate to who they are online. But Yahoo hasn’t made any such effort, he said.

“[Yahoo] hasn’t tied Yahoo ID to users’ social graphs, to payments or to any meaningful personalization, so it’s hard to see the trend — Yahoo’s plummet as an identity provider — changing significantly.”

Check out the infographic below for the latest social login data from Gigya.

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