Exclusive: Stevie Launches Pet-Themed Channel, ‘All Your Cats Are Belong to Us’


The cat’s out of the bag. Stevie, a place where social media feeds are transformed into never-ending TV shows, has quietly launched new channel starring internet pets called All Your Cats Are Belong to Us. Stevie CEO Yael Givon describes the channel as “your one-stop shop for dogs and cats, but mostly cats.”

Cats are “less predictable than dogs and the fact that they have a mind of their own” makes them very popular online, she explained. “It’s also funny when they do what you expect them to do, because they don’t do that very often.”

Soon to be added to the Channel Guide, the dogs and cats channel shows an endless stream of animal videos, as well status updates and photos from pets who have their own Twitter and Facebook accounts. Boo, aka “the world’s cutest dog,” is there, along with Maru, Japan’s favorite box-loving cat.

Like YouTube, Stevie hosts a variety channels belonging to prolific creators like BuzzFeed and Mashable, and can also show viewers what their own Facebook profiles look like as TV shows. The service recently won the MIPCube Lab Competition in Cannes for its innovation in TV technology.

The Stevie team was working on documenting the buzz surrounding television shows like “The Voice” and other events when “it occurred to us that if we were providing content from social media, it can’t happen without cats and dogs,” Givon said.

The biggest difference with the cats and dogs channel is that Stevie isn’t limited to following an official Facebook page or Twitter account to find content. she said. It’s all about the “fun and freedom of mixing” amateur videos with professionally produced animal memes.

Viewers can stop and click out to the source material if, at any time, a moment is so cute it simply must be watched again. They can also share something they like with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. There are no reruns on this show, but recently watched videos are available for reference on the iPad and, soon, on the web.

Stevie’s dog-in-residence, Jedi, stars in the video introducing the new channel. Take a look:

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