Eulogy for a Blog


“Another one bites the dust. And another gone and another one gone…” I’m quoting a popular song by the band Queen, but I’m talking about how often business blogs become ghosts.

Recently, I was at a marketing conference in a session about business blogging featuring Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, when he shared a horrifying research finding. According to IBM, 77% of all businesses have a blog, yet 85% of those blogs have five or fewer posts.

How scary is that?

Though research indicates an overwhelming majority of marketers have discovered the value of content marketing, the same research reports how few have realized success.

Of course, many things can deep-six your content marketing programs—including lack of strategy, insufficient resources, and failure to produce leads and sales. Killer No. 1 is the inability to sustain a consistent schedule of publishing highly useful content.

Let us pay our respects to the dearly departed now…


Barry Feldman is president of Feldman Creative. He creates compelling content by telling stories. He’s a content marketing strategist, copywriter, creative director, speaker, and author. He specializes in creating websites, e-books, and integrated online marketing programs.

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