Effectively Tapping Into Your SM Following


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Staying on top of a weekly schedule of Tweets, posts and updates is all well and good. But how do you take all of that engagement to the next level, in order to firm up your ROI as a business?

We’re learning the critical urgence to stay connected through all social platforms as we’ve emphasized for you in the past. This can literally be done from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

As HubSpot indicates, the days of wooing customers with dramatic face-to-face sales pitches (see: Don Draper) are a thing of the past. Now that it’s so easy to communicate remotely, salespeople rarely, if ever, meet prospects and customers in person.

It’s a bit more challenging to be charming from another continent, for instance, than it was when we were taking prospects out for a cocktail before globalization. Thus, committing time to perfecting your online presence is imperative to succeeding. Being personable through your social platform, email signatures, and any content you create makes it easier for prospects to connect with you and ultimately, become customers.

What we need to ensure that everything we’re doing as marketers, is in fact leveraging our business. Try to keep in mind that, while “likes” and “followers” look and feel great on the surface as business (who doesn’t love popularity?), statistics prove that only a minute percentage of those followers actually move beyond this point in the conversion process.

So in essence, you might appear as though you’re making a splash across those social media platforms, but very few of these may be translating into leads or sales.

That said, it is possible to get through. By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time — your marketing can become relevant and helpful, not interruptive.

Reaching out to your followers at with CTAs, then forms and landing pages at opportune times is critical. And, and the graphic provided by HubSpot illustrates, as well as timing, the place as well as the content itself are equally important to delighting an audience.

For a no-nonsense how-to on CTAslanding pages and more, we recommend taking in a webinar from HubSpot Academy’s expert faculty on inbound marketing. Or, even better, contact us here at PROSAR for affordable and comprehensive tools to learn.

Confused about what the conversion process entails, exactly? HubSpot experts have provided the following brief description, which is helpful in breaking down the process:

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