Edward Snowden’s Life in Moscow Isn’t as Bad as You Think




He survives on a diet of ramen and chips. He spends much of his time reading books and learning Russian. When he does leave his room, it’s with an awareness that he might very well be under surveillance.

Those are the details that have previously come out about Edward Snowden‘s life in Moscow during the past year or so. It paints the picture of a man living the life of a paranoid and lonely college student, but a new documentary offers a much rosier picture of the whistleblower’s time in Russia.

Citizenfour, a new film from journalist Laura Poitras, provides never-before-seen footage of Snowden’s life on the run after lifting a treasure trove of information from the National Security Agency last year. Among the revelations in the film is the fact that Snowden is now living with his girlfriend Lindsay Mills in Moscow Read more…

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