Drones Will Become Part Of Your Local Police Force


LifeLine Response has created an app that can call a drone and local police to a specific location through GPS. The app has two settings: one activates if a user takes his or her thumb off the app’s “dummy switch” when there is possible danger, and the second setting works if a preset time elapses without entering a code to cancel the alert. The user’s GPS location is transmitted to law enforcement, and the phone emits an alarm to signal that officials have been notified.

In permitted areas, a drone will be deployed at 60mph to the user’s location, as well record the incident. Essentially, this drone serves as a third party, real-time presence that can capture video, audio, and use that footage if needed. Nearly 30 colleges and hospitals have already signed on to test the technology, and the drone can even stay with the victim until police arrive.

The app is available for iPhone and Android, and will soon be available for Windows smartphones. The cost of a yearly subscription is $ 9.99.

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