Does Psychology Affect Social Media Success?


Wade Harman is working hard to smooth the transition for newcomers to the web into profitable online business. He and I have been on a private Skype group who discuss blogging as a business tools for around 5 months and he’s kindly shared his latest e book with us to review.

Wade’s book is a very digestible and accessible advice for the beginner blogger and social media user. He covers off all the main tactics and is very honest about the hard work that will be needed for you to succeed. Don’t be put off- what he says is correct and it’s the way I have built my blog and my clients’ blogs too.

The Wow Factor, Psychological Success in Social Media

The easy to read dialog is interspersed with exercises that help you to work out how best to use the teachings for your own uses. He leaves you to do more research – which is fine because everyone’s blog is different and their business needs vary.

When reading e books (of which I’ve read dozens since 2006 when manifestos were the norm!). It is clear that Wade understands the issues and has a clear set of actions to teach newbies how to get on board fast. Having said that, he is straightforward and says “This is not a ‘get-it-quick-strategy”. Very honest and well said. There are too many snake oil salesmen online these days.

I was particularly impressed with his link to how to schedule G+ posts from his own blog.

Big take-outs for me were

  • Words to use – The 5 Ws (what, where, when, who ,why) the truth words and fear of loss. These don’t need to be hyped and Wade carefully explains how reticular formation enables us to sort through text and work out what is likely to fulfil our curiosity or needs.
  • He advocates some paid programs to build Twitter followers – JustRetweet (prices quoted)
  • Updating your social sites every 15 minutes sounds like a real chore – but auto-updates will help you to schedule. Many people use Twitter and Facebook for several short periods a day and so upping your frequency increases the chance of catching them while they’re online.

I love the tips – sharing others’ stuff is really a tool that works and I have no doubts about recommending this e book if you are just getting started in blogging.

Finally, a small edit I’d recommend. The Disaster of Social Media marketing text should be at the beginning of the book…. it’s very powerful and I love the concept of the “blue collar blogger”.

Get your copy The Wow Factor, Psychological Success in Social Media here

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