Do You Have What It ‘Tecks’ To Make Money Online?


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.18.37 PMGetting paid to write is every blogger’s dream, and revenue-sharing content-site Teckler seems to be promising contributors just that.

Users can post blogs, short stories, articles, and images — from desktop or, more recently, from iPhone — and are promised 70% of ad revenue, with the other 30% going to Teckler.

And, in theory, this seems like an opportunity not to be missed. But we’ve seen this kind of thing before. HubPages, anyone?

There are several problems with revenue-sharing content-sites like this. For one, there’s no quality control, which reduces the credibility of everything posted there.

If your article on advanced dentistry is showing up beside someone’s typo-ridden poem about their goldfish dying, you probably won’t be taken seriously.

So, ultimately, you’d be better off with your own blog. That way, you wouldn’t have to share the ad revenue with anyone, you’d stand out more, and you wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally violating the Terms and Conditions and having your stuff deleted.

And the other problem is user expectations. If you expect to make a living on Teckler, you’re going to have a bad time.

Teckler should be seen as a hobby, not a source of income. You make just over 1 cent for every 50 views on your Tecks (that’s the “Tecknical” term for your blog), so it’s unlikely you’ll ever earn anything worth writing home about.

If you’re serious about making money online, you’d be better off with a copywriting job. Or answering surveys, even.

But, if you have a few short stories on your hard-drive that won’t see the light of day otherwise, Teckler might be for you. And if you want to get feedback on your blogging before you move elsewhere, Teckler can offer you that, too.

And who knows? Perhaps the new iOS app will bring enough traffic to start improving the payout over at Teckler. Only time will tell. And if your writing already draws a crowd, this could be another way to monetize. Maybe.

What do you think? Can you see yourself using Teckler in the near future? Let us know!

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