Decisions, decisions: The Storify week in review (June 29)


Landmark decisions by the Supreme Court top the major stories seen on Storify this week.

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Sat, Jun 29 2013 23:07:31

Every week we’re reminded that your stories are alive and constantly evolving. This month’s major headlines are no exception, as the facts of the NSA/Edward Snowden story continued to elude reporters (quite literally) as the week opened.
Storify is fast becoming a go-to medium for live blogging and developing coverage. The Snowden discussion on this week’s Meet the Press was Storified while the show aired and the world wondered about his whereabouts.

SCOTUS in action

Meanwhile, many of this week’s headlines revolved around the Supreme Court, which delivered a number of long-standing decisions, setting social media ablaze.
First up, a major ruling on the Voting Rights Act. If you’ve been wondering how this piece of legislation was affected and what the Supreme Court’s decision means, don’t miss PBS Newshour’s coverage here:
Most of the attention on the Supreme Court revolved around the rights of same-sex couples, however. In a decision with major implications, the Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional.
The news spread quickly, and reactions from same-sex couples quickly went viral, as seen in pieces like this from NBC News:
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MSNBC also had a great “50 states, 50 tweets’ story involving reactions from across the United States:
But what about those opposed to the ruling? As The Daily Beast pointed out, it was a bad week to be a “hater” online:


Finally, this week Texas was facing a major decision of its own regarding abortion rights. While major cable news networks declined to cover a vote on the issue, a live stream of Texas Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster spread like wildfire across social media. Davis spent over 11 hours without rest filibustering, prompting hundreds of thousands to turn out and #StandWithWendy online.

The Daily Dot covered the vote and fallout online with some of the best tweets as it unfolded:

Did you publish your own reactions to the major decisions this week or see anything we missed? Let us know in the comments here or with a shoutout to @Storify.

And as always, thanks for sharing your stories.

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