Dealing With Social Media Talk


Dealing With Social Media Talk image ID 1002115553Is social media the new “Talk Radio”?

Are you tired of all the “breaking news” updates on your mobile phone?

These are my thoughts after Facebook came out with its latest invention, Paper.

It looks like Facebook wants to make sure all that information, news and your personal news feed are on your radar at all times. Isn’t this what Twitter currently is at the present time?

The point here….Are people really receptive to all these changes and do they really care. With the bombardment of news information and updates, it is becoming almost annoying that every news information is a “breaking news” event. Many people on social media sites will simply retweet this informaiton out to people and see if they get another response or two.

You as a marketer must find a way to break through the news and make sure your voice is being heard. The best way to do this is to not only stay under the radar, but also make news that is newsworthy. Now, more than ever people are looking for quality information. Right now, your job is to reach your audience and give them information on a niche topic. If your information is written with purpose and offers the reader some type of value, you eventually will be rewarded as a writer and your content will be shared. It may not go viral, but really is your information, “breaking news” worthy? I don’t want “breaking news” content. I want “value content” that has a value over time and a purpose.

The current news talk is overrated and very annoying. Finding good, quality information without sales jargon is rare. Once you find a good writer, do your part and leave a comment and sign-up for their updates. We all want “quality information” and less “breaking news” information. Social Media is a two-way street. Make sure you are doing your part by doing the following:

  1. Listen and find great content
  2. Share this great content with others (Nice break from “breaking news” content)
  3. Learn to write your own quality content from your own experience. (We learn best from others)

Social Media Talk – What information are you most interested in? The answer to this question might explain how you view social media and if you are seeing the benefits os social media or not.

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