Customer Service Survey Shows The Phone Is No Longer King! (Infographic)


A recent Genesys survey found that consumers want customer service to be accessible at all times and on all channels, be it voice, e-mail, web chat, SMS, or via a mobile app. No new news to those of us in this industry, but let’s take a closer look.

It now seems that the preferred channel for customer service is email – the landline phone has seen a huge 53% decrease in popularity as the preferred channel to contact customer service. Add to this the fact that 51% of customers use the company website first to resolve their questions before calling customer service, and it’s clear that a company’s website must be helpful to its customers! Otherwise, by the time consumers reach for the phone to call, odds are they are already frustrated when they get connected to an agent.

Genesys conducted the survey at the end of last year at Dreamforce asking attendees about their preferred channels for customer service. The survey also found that whether it’s a good experience or bad experience, consumers are more likely to tell their friends about it than doing anything else. In fact, the power of positive or negative word of mouth can have a tremendous impact on your business. Great experiences often lead customers to recommend you to friends and family. Bad experiences will send them to the competition.

Check out the rest of the results in the infographic below!

Customer Service Channel Evolution