Crowdfunding Around the World


Crowdfunding has made it easier than ever for people to pursue their own creative ideas and is an incredibly relevant part of our global lineup at SMW.  Learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign and the ways that crowdfunding is disrupting new markets.

  1. Bangalore: Crowd Fund Your Idea
    One of the beauties of crowdfunding is that your idea doesn’t necessarily have to be lucrative to get funded. This is opening the door for artists and performers to produce original work with an engaged audience. Director, actor and screenwriter, Pawan Kumar, teaches the basics of successful crowdfunding, from his experience in filmmaking.
  2. New York: Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding: A Social Media Revolution In Real Estate, hosted by Prodigy Network
    Until now, crowdfunding has been geared primarily towards sponsoring personal projects and small businesses. However, there is potential for crowdfunding to drastically change the real estate market and the financial markets tethered to it. This panel of experts, including Graham Hill, will look at the ways that that real estate, behavioral science, social media and economics are colliding in positive ways.
  3. Hamburg: Crowdfunding – nicht ohne Kommunikations-Strategie?
    What sorts of projects are good candidates for crowdfunding? How can you leverage social media to drive traffic to your campaign? Who are the donors? Learn the answers to these questions and more at this panel of crowdfunding veterans who successfully financed their projects.

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