Credit Where Credit Is Due


It takes a village to raise a child but a global community to make Social Media Week happen each year.

At times I feel I receive significantly more credit than I deserve for what we have achieved over the past five years, and so today, the last day of the February edition of SMW14, I want to give credit where credit is due.

Firstly, I want to give a huge shout out to our Local City Organizers:

  • + R SQUARE Consulting in Bangalore
  • + Buzz Marketing Networks in Barcelona
  • + Copenhagen Concept in Copenhagen
  • + hi-life in Hamburg
  • + AFRIKA21 and Dragon Africa in Lagos
  • + HAGAKURE in Milan
  • + Support from MKG in New York
  • + Cyber Communications in Tokyo

They continue to inspire us in how they adapt and evolve the SMW experience, and in the build up to the event it has been such a thrill to watch their amazing work manifest in such incredible content and conversations.

I want to also thank our longtime partner and friends at Nokia, including Craig Hepburn, Alex Oberberg, Valerie Buckingham, Matthew Skyes, and Ricc Webb. Without their support, investment and belief in our vision we couldn’t do what we do.

Thanks also to our other global partners Spotify and Prodigy Network.

Here in NYC, there are too many people to thank, from MKG, our design and production partners, our Advisory Board, local partners and sponsors, including Spotify, Google+, Unmetric, and Percolate, the unbelievable lineup of speakers and our teams on the ground; we continue to be humbled by your support and belief in what we’re doing.

Finally, and most importantly I want to thank my incredible team. Each and every one of them deserves significantly more share of credit than me because without their herculean efforts SMW simply would not exist. They inspire me by showing me what we are capable and I am honored to work with such smart, talented, and good humored people.

Onwards to September. Join us.

Social Media Week