Chipotle: An Example to Follow in Content Marketing


You only have to look around our New York office around lunchtime to see how much we love Chipotle. The sentiment seems to be universal, as Chipotle opens a new location nearly every other day. But as much as we love the burritos, Chipotle’s innovative marketing strategy is what we are especially excited about this year at Social Media Week.

In the words of Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Crumpacker: “Chipotle was built on word-of-mouth marketing. We’re focused on reigniting word-of-mouth marketing, rather than big advertising campaigns.”

Refusing to focus exclusively on targeted advertisements, Chipotle is instead working to bring our attention to the problems in the food industry through the creation of original content. Their latest project is sponsoring the creation of a 4-episode David vs. Goliath story that looks at the evils of industrial farming in a comedic, yet powerful, way. What is especially surprising is the way that in this four part series, Chipotle is only mentioned once. By focusing on winning the hearts and minds of their customers, Chipotle is playing the long game- and we’re pretty sure it’s going to pay off.

We can’t wait to see a screening of Farmed and Dangerous at SMW! After the screening we will hear from Chris Crumpacker about the decision to make this series and what we can learn from Chipotles example. Don’t miss our event- The New Frontier of (Un)Branded Content: A Screening and Discussion of Farmed and Dangerous, Hosted by Chipotle and register here for your pass for access to our incredible lineup of events on the subjects of health and wellness, entrepreneurship and technology.

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