Can You Keep A Secret?


Can You Keep A Secret? image tumblr mi34i6N6Df1qfc752o1 500Can you keep a secret?  I am a social media addict.  I know it is hard to believe; it’s taken me awhile to accept it.

My social media addiction started out innocently enough about 5 years ago.  As a concerned mother of teenage boys, I wanted a way to keep tabs on their Facebook activities.  The most logical way to go about it, at the time, was to create my own Facebook account and advise them that they needed to “friend” me in order to keep their access.  In a sense, you can say Mark Zuckerberg was my dealer.

The rest is, as they say, history.  As the years have passed, I slowly found myself craving more information on the social media and all it entailed.  To satisfy my cravings, I have run the gamut from FourSquare, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr; the list goes on and on.  I kept telling myself that I could quit anytime I wanted to.  That this was something to occupy my time until something better came along.

The big turning point came in April 2012.  I was so engrossed with the posts I was reading and how they were affecting my fellow Facebook and Twitter users that I had this insatiable urge to write about it.  By creating this blog, I knew I was a goner.  I officially became one of the millions who also suffer from SMA – Social Media Addiction.

I am sure there are different levels of SMA.  I can honestly say I probably suffer from one of the highest levels.  I find myself dreaming of my next blog post; visualizing in the shower the image to use on one of the seven Facebook pages I manage; and I spend more time tweeting from my phone than making phone calls.

Do I need an intervention?  Probably.  Will it help?  Probably not.  The only known cure for SMA is to quit cold turkey.  Sufferers of SMA must want to quit.  In my case, I am not at that point.  I know deep down in my heart that there is just too much more to learn and to contribute.  However, if I ever get to the point of quitting; I will make sure to update my Facebook status, tweet it out to all my followers and to write a new blog post on it.

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